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‘Everyone Has a Hard Time’ UGA Athletes Navigate Careers With Mental Health in the Balance

Lighthouse Counseling invites you to read the full article by the Athens Banner-Herald about UGA athletes balancing mental health. This powerful article examines the lives of four athletes: Eva Merrell, Juwan Parker, Sara Mosley, and Amarlo Herrera.

Eva Merrell:

“Having an eating disorder is a daily, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour process in my life, and there are times where I feel super low, and I get really upset that I have this part to my brain, that it’s just there. But I’ve never gotten to a point like that. Even in my lowest moments, I have a really good support system that I can lean on to help me get through it.”

Juwan Parker:

“Athletes, I think we tend to trend towards perfectionism. When things go wrong, we tend to blame ourselves, especially me. It just helped me to realize that some things are actually outside your control. She was a good sounding board to help me logically work through any issues I was having.”

Sara Mosley:

“I just lost it. …My home life made softball hard. So to me, softball was always my getaway and my go to and it was just something I could always get away from and softball wasn’t that for me anymore. That’s what made it really hard.”

Amarlo Herrera:

“We all go through something,” Herrera said. “How athletes go through it is a lot different than a lot of other people. You go through it so quickly. Most people that play at a high level, they go through that transition quick. You’ve been on top of the world and then trying to figure out what you want to do in life. …You don’t know what your identity is because your identity is stripped away from you.”


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