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5 Benefits of Telehealth Therapy

The ability of therapists to see clients using video conferencing software, also known as telehealth, is changing the face of the industry and helping therapists reach their patients in new and convenient ways. While the introduction of telehealth has been beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of this new method of delivering counseling will continue even after the pandemic is over.

Telehealth Benefit 1: Reduce Anxiety

Many folks are anxious about meeting a therapist in person. With telehealth, you can meet your therapist virtually from the comfort of your home. This will help reduce your anxiety. In addition, you won’t have to worry about missing your appointment due to traffic.

Telehealth Benefit 2: Consistency

Consistency is key after that first appointment. You need to schedule and make your appointments more consistently. With telehealth, you'll be able to speak to your therapist and receive care conveniently in your own home. This allows you to schedule and make your appointments more consistently.

Your therapist must be licensed in the state you are in. Telehealth allows you to continue with your therapist even if you move to another city in the state. Rather than starting over with a new therapist and potentially losing progress, a person can continue to see the therapist they are comfortable with by continuing virtually.

Telehealth Benefit 3: Expanded Reach

Telehealth allows therapists and counselors to reach individuals that may have previously been unreachable:

  • Those without transportation

  • Those in rural areas where travel to an office is prohibitive

  • Those who can't travel due to disability

  • Those who have work schedules that conflict with therapist office hours

With telehealth, therapy does not have to be a luxury for those living close to offices or personal transportation. Telehealth allows therapists to help those they could not previously help.

Telehealth Benefit 4: Protecting Your Health

During Covid-19, many people want to avoid crowded public spaces such as waiting rooms. Through telehealth, one can avoid waiting rooms and reduce their chances of getting sick.

Telehealth allows a person to attend their appointment even if they are sick!

Telehealth Benefit 5: It’s Secure

The Telehealth platform we use, Doxy.Me is secure and HIPPA compliant. No one is going to interrupt or listen to your session. You can relax and focus on your issues.


These are just a few benefits of using telehealth to address your issues. All of our therapists are available to be seen virtually. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment, reach out today and let's get started!

Source: 5 Benefits of Telehealth Therapy - Therapy Today Counseling.


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