We all know divorce is an emotionally difficult and complex process. You don’t have to go through this alone. Through the Collaborative Law process, I am part of team of professionals that work to help couples divorce in a way that preserves relationships while respecting the priorities of your family. The Collaborative Team helps divorcing couples resolve complicated and emotional issues in a respectful,non-threatening manner. All this is done privately without going to court. As a coach trained in the Collaborative Law process, I help divorcing couples deal with the emotional issues encountered in the process. I help you step by step through the process. We will focus on the issues in negotiating the divorce agreement. Divorce coaching is not therapy. While therapy is often a long term relationship, a Coaching relationship is limited to the divorce process and ends with the divorce. Call Dr. Tom Freeman for more information about Collaborative Law and divorce coaching. For more information about Collaborative Law visit www.divorce-with-benefits.com

Dr. Tom Freeman offers divorcing parents help in setting up parenting plans. The state of Georgia now requires divorcing parents to submit a parenting plan as part of their divorce agreement.


This is a service for parents that want to set up a parenting plan that helps preserve the family relationships and take into account the developmental needs of the child.

Dr. Freeman meets with the parents to identify their needs and concerns. He then meets individually with each child. He then works with the parents to set up a reasonable parenting plan. Call Dr. Freeman today for more information.


Dr. Richard Forde has built a six house marriage intensive for couples in crisis or for those who want to further invest in their marriage.


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