The 5 Benefits of a Personalized Parenting Plans

The 5 Benefits of a Personalized Parenting Plans

Often, the most difficult part of a divorce is arguing about who will get the children and for how long. This is obviously stressful for the parents and the children. Parents often feel the need to go for full custody. A parent may rationalize this by saying it is best for their kids to have a stable home and schedule. A mother may say “I’m the mother and the kids need a mother full-time.” The parent seeking full custody then goes to his or her attorney asking for full-custody. The attorney is glad to oblige. The attorneys then argue back and forth about the parenting plan. Terrible accusations are made about each parent. Anger and tension increases leading to distance and lack of communication between the parents. Along the way, the children are put in the middle. The unique needs of that family are lost in the shuffle. The result may be an unsatisfying parenting plan that doesn’t suit the needs of the children or parents. Let me give you five reasons a personally crafted parenting plan is better than how most plans are created.

1. Get a Plan that Works. By working with a parenting plan consultant, you get a personal plan that actually works. The plan works because both parents worked out the details together. By compromising and putting your kids’ needs first, you make a plan that you can live with not hate. Developing a plan privately allows parents to try different arrangements without committing to it to see what works and what doesn’t. We can then tweak the plan to improve it based on the families’ needs.
2. Maintain a Working Relationship with Other Parent. By working privately with me, you are able to maintain a good working relationship with the other parent. This is able to happen because with the children as the focus personal agendas are set aside. The needs of the children are the priority. In addition, hurtful accusations aren’t made to increase chances of “winning”. By leaving out negativity and mud throwing, parents are better able to work together after the divorce is completed.
3. Make Your Children’s Voices Heard. The children’s voices are often left out of this process. While some might think this is good, children actually have a lot to tell us if we listen. A child may not want to tell a parent directly their thoughts and feelings about the divorce but may be willing to tell a neutral party. A child may tell me their desires and fears about the new living arrangements which we can take into account when designing the parenting plan. If nothing else, asking the child about his feelings helps the child feel important and considered.
4. Reduce the Emotional Impact on Kids. By taking into account the feelings of the children, we can help reduce the emotional trauma of the divorce. A parenting plan that considers what is best for the whole family is one that reduces conflict and pain. It leaves the child out of the middle. The children are happier which reduces worry and stress of the parents.
5. Cheaper. Be Satisfied. A customized parenting plan with me is cheaper than having the attorneys argue back and forth about who gets what holiday. I can help you develop a plan that takes into consideration the needs of the parents and children more efficiently than most attorneys. Finally, you will be more satisfied with a personal plan because you helped design it.

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