If your child is behind in Reading or Math even though your student is receiving extra help, then a Learning Disability Evaluation may be necessary.   If your child is becoming more frustrated with basic homework or reading, then a Learning Disability Evaluation may be in order.   A child knows when they aren’t performing at the same level as his or her peers.  Consequently, the student’s self-esteem and self-confidence begin to suffer.   If you are worried about your child’s academic performance,  then call Dr. Sandy Wilson today for a consultation.


Dr. Wilson is a 14 year veteran in helping determine what is causing a child to struggle in school. She is able to pinpoint areas of difficulty for students and provide specific remedies for these weaknesses.  Dr. Wilson will meet with you and your child to determine if testing is necessary.  If testing is performed, then Dr.Wilson will meet with the parents to give detailed feedback.  Parents will then be able to take the evaluation back to the school to make a plan of action.


Dr. Wilson’s passion is working with children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders.    She is skilled in ABA therapy.  Dr. Wilson can evaluate your child for Autism or Asperger’s quickly without having to go to Atlanta.


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